Geomensura devient Sogelink ! Toutes les infos sur ce changement ici
Geomensura becomes Sogelink! Learn more here

Why invest in Mensura Light

1. Our product is very easy to use even for those who haven't worked with CAD software before. The training required for Mensura light is considerably shorter that for other software solutions available on the market.  

2. Mensura Light   has its own drawing platform which is 100%  DWG/DXF/DWF ® compatible. That allows you to save money on purchase and updates of the separate CAD products.

3. Mensura Light allows you to retrieve and work with all kinds of formats : images, scanned or digitized plans,  DXF/DWG/DWF ® files ,  PDF files,  point files or files which are retrieved directly from the land survey equipment ,  LandXML files (exchange with Inroads®)

4. Mensura Light also generates all kinds of output formats, useful for your professional exchanges. You are also able to print your plans easily and directly

5. Mensura Light generates complete detailed calculation which are useful not only for your co-workers but also when you need to justify the quantities to your client.

6. Mensura Light is country kits and libraries.

7. The Maintenance contract includes hotline support, on-line assistance, unlimited access to Client Space and free updates.

8. A sizeable advantage  - a very "light" price!