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Utility networks

Scalable and customizable database

The drawing of public utility network is done rapidly, precise and detailed quantifying is provided through the flexible equipment management, supported by the scalable database.

Using the dynamic equipment management, you can rapidly make modifications.

Professionally-oriented commands assisting you all the way

You have got innovative graphic functions at your disposal, such as "parallel network" input. 

The connection with the Urban Drainage module ensures the technical expertise for network laying and crossing over detection (storm water, sewage water, aqueduct), that you can view directly on the longitudinal section. 

You have also got a network drawing tool at your disposal with interactive choice of an equipment (customizable according to the specificities of each network).

The association of the drawing functions with nodes and segments ensures automatic quantity survey.

The software calculates the pipe sleeve length, cable length and counts objects even when you move them throughout your work.

Include photos of the component parts and installations within your plan

In order to make your plans easier to read you have the possibility of inluding the digital pictures within the node labels. During the final stage of your project a simple digital camera can improve your plan quality.

Public utility result report

The software automatically generates the plan detailing using the dynamic labels for nodes and segments. The aspect and the positioning are customizable through the assisted drawing commands.

Mensura Light generates the lists of equipement and necessary component parts for each network (ditch width, pipe sleeves, cables and object count).

Your quantities are automatically linked with the Quantity Takeoff module.