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Stormwater, sewage networks software

Collector and manhole regulation compliant database

Mensura Light is provided together with Country Kit libraries which offer different types of collectors. The underground collectors (Circular, ovoid,  oval,  box culverts) and open ditch networks (rectangular and trapezoidal gutters, ditches).  The manhole and sump library allows you to draw and count all component parts.

Draw storm water, sewage water network, aqueduct, backflow

The network drawing is based upon "manholes and segments" model. The fact of recognizing 3D surface projects (paving project) ensures the automatic calculation of the paving sides. The apron is calculated when you input its elevation or depth. The elbow inputting allows you to design and draw the networks by a backflow or aqueduct).

Mensura Light becomes your priviledged assistant when you are designing or inputting elements and warns you in case of any non-compliance.

Special tools have been developped to increase the input efficiency. Mensura Light automatically detects the proximity of different networks and associations with common ditches all compliant with BNQ security norms.

Technical documents and layouts

Everything is made to facilitate the network drawing, the processing of the plan views, the drawing of longitudinal and cross-sections as well as manholes and chambers in isometric projection. 

The layouts are automatic and are directly positioned (chamber labelling, pipes, slope, length, flow direction)

The associated drawing functions bring the necessary addition to the layout (hatching, triangulation dimensioning for plans as constructed).

Interactive longitudinal section

You gain a lot of precious time by making modifications directly on the longitudinal sections. You can therefore simply adjust the manhole depth, the slopes between manholes, etc. The slopes or depth modifications made upon longitudinal sections automatically update the dimensions and grid drawing. The hydraulic calculation also draws your subdivision load line.

Our software detects and checks the crossings in real time, as well as the cover height/ The labels display the branches, jucntures and non-compliant intersections. 

Total quantities report (ditches, conduits and manholes)

The quantities report and estimates are directly generated by each network according to the library characteristics. The type common ditch editor allows you to stay compliant with BNQ norms.

Rapidly check your linears and materials used in ditches, as well as cut volumes depending on different geological layers (topsoil, rock). This quantities are given by network and can be exported to EXCEL.

Culverts for road drainage

The pipe length is automatically adjusted depending on the ground entries.

The urban drainage symbol library allows the detailing of the hydraulic structure.

Structure description (chambers and pipes)

Mensura Genius proposes a simple and fast decription module which allows you to automatically produce your specification sheets