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Linear project

To model, calculate, draw the housing project roads, railroads and forest paths.

Design and implement your linear infrastructure projects

As to the housing project design, Mensura Light manages the preliminary project phase to the implementation

Build an alignment and a longitudinal section

The design tools pallet offers a large range of functions to build and draw horizontal alignments. For that Mensura Light suggests using junctures (circle or clothoid). The longitudinal section design automatically displays the natural terrain line which is modelled  and interpolated on the DTM. There are also functions that allow drawing circular or parabolic junctures. 

Chainings and type sections

When you manage alignment chainings, you simply define the equidistance of the chainings and select type section to model the passage. 

We propose a unique method for creating your type sections, which adapts to all projects and all kind of constraints. The type sections are drawn within the specific editor. The assembling of the type section is done with lines and points which contain unlimited number of layers. They establish a link with excavation volumes and road material quantities. This conditioning of the type section ensures the automatic search for cut/fill ground entries. The slope gradients are calculated depending on the geological layers.

The type section can also be related with planimetrics (support line management). It also manages the variations of the platform width.

Volumetrics calculation and quantity reporting

The module automatically generates the cut excavation volumes within the geological layers (topsoil, rock, etc), but also the volumes and surfaces for different roadway layers.

Different calcualtion reports are printed directly in Mensura light. They can also be customized in EXCEL ®.

From implementig to the machine control

When you create a road infrastructure project, all information on the alignment geometry, cross-section and XYZ of the implantation points are displayed automatically. Mensura Light exports this data to the 3D guiding systems with GPS and total stations (TRIMBLE, LEICA, TOPCON, SOKKIA).

3D integration (model your linear project in 3D)

You are able to automatically transform your project into a 3D model and get a high quality realistic photo or export an .AVI file.

You can include your housing project into 3D view module