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Land survey software

Specifically designed for land surveyors who work in the field, our software solution simplifies the survey by using 'Pcodes' in the field notebook.

Compatible with all total stations

Whatever topographic equipment you are using, Mensura Light ensures reading your field notebooks. Coding allows you to automatically generate up to 70% of your drawings. The reading interface works with electronic tacheometer and GPS. Mensura Light is compatible with all electronic notebooks, tacheometers and GPS systems.

Interface compatible with total stations and GPS

Compatible with most digital notebooks (LEICA, TRIMBLE, SOKKIA, TOPCON, GEODIMETER). Our software is supplied with coding table.

  • All LEICA (GSI) stations
  • All Trimble GEODIMETER stations
  • All SOKKIA stations
  • All TOPCON stations

Traverse networks

Mensura calculates 2D or 3D polygons by proposing several compensation methods (Proportional to distance, least squares). You can also calculate the K factor on the distances.

Our software does the conversion calcualtions for geographical coordinates from different systems  (NAD 27, NAD 83, WGS84...).

Terrain coding and using Pcodes

To gain in productivity, we have considerably simplified your field surveys production. Mensura Light offers an alphanumeric codification which is simple and intuitive and adapted to all digital notebooks. The information ventilation is managed automatically.

You can set several coding tables depending on the type of survey or your client.

The coding table is linked with the graphic database and different parameters (layers, line types, Pcodes, hatchings and text styles) allows you to easily complete your plans.

Our software proposes advanced commands handling dynamic orientation of the Pcodes on one or several points. You can also associate several objects on points you survey.

The simple form management codifies symbols. 

Project transfer to total stations and machine guidance

The creation of the infrastructure project (linear or surface) automatically generates the information on alignment geometry, cross-sections and XYZ siting points. Mensura Light exports this data to the 3D guiding systems with GPS and total stations (TRIMBLE, LEICA, TOPCON, SOKKIA, NIKON).