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Quantity survey - Estimate - Take off

From quantity estimation to the report publishing

Quantifying and pricing the budget for your project       

From the designing of the project to the initial estimate, Mensura Light ensures the pricing and cost estimation.

By using DWG or PDF® files or scanned images, the quantifying is done directly by linking the drawing with the catalogue (cut, topsoil, subgrades)

Powerful filter functions are available. A dynamic model updates quantities every time you modify your drawing.


Complete your estimate bids

By using the link with item library or price catalogue this flexible and user-friendly module becomes a powerful tool to submit your estimate.

The item selection or price number selection from the catalogue before quantifying ensures the link between the estimate module and the formatting of the written documents.

Customized reports (Excel®, PDF®)

You can easily accomplish the quantifying (counting objects, linears, surfaces). Then you easily produce different documents, customized reports (cost estimate, project costing sheet, quantifying report) and generate your reports in Excel® or PDF®.

Quantity takeoff

Using Mensura Genius, different modules are supplying quantities automatically (linears, volumetrics, cut/fill, surface representations). Printing device can generate export to Excel®, Word®, PDF® or Open Office®.