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DTM natural terrain software

The digital terrain model (also called Natural terrain) is modelled directly, the triangulation is interactive. The contours are calculated and drawn  according to the selected equidistance. The 3D view is generated automatically as well as the cross-section drawing. 

Model existing terrain

Mensura Light makes the terrain surface your working base. In order to model the data you have several methods at your disposal :

  • Digitizing your paper plan with digitizer
  • Digitizing scanned images 
  • Importing PDF files
  • Importing graphic files DXF / DWG (using block attributes, 2D and 3D points, segments and polylines)


  • Transferring data from total stations
  • Importing ascii txt files


You do not need to perform a new triangulation of your DTM every time you modify coordinates or add a new point.  You can create exclusion zones on the DTM just by manipulating triangles directly on the screen.

Stripping and geological layers

Mensura Light manages stripping with the general value applied to the entire DTM. Mensura Light inputs and processes the geological survey data. Boring pits are inputted directly on the DTM. The geological layers are drawn in sections (longitudinal sections and cross-sections) 

Calculations and contour drawing

The creation of the contours in the DTM is automatic. The set up includes the choice of the equidistance, the line type, the thickness of main and secondary contours. Mensura light  proposes several methods for contour smoothing.