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3D Surface project

Using your PDF plans, DWG or digitizing, Mensura Light calculates excavation volumetrics (cut/fill) for surface projects. The software takes into consideration geological layers and calculates the cut in the topsoil and rock.

Mensura Light calculates cut volumes for all sorts of projects (industrial installations, urban infrastructures, housing lots, retention basins, merlons, material storage). Mensura Light calculates and prints the volmumetric excavation reports (cut, fill and topsoil) taking into consideration the project surface characteristics (paving thickness, purge, slope gradient depending on the geological layers).

Simple input for surface projects

Mensura Light proposes various methods to complete your project (DWG file, digitizing, scanned plans). Powerful functionalities allow you to easily integrate the points and breaklines within the surface project.

Calculate volumes (cut, fill) 

Mensura Light calculates the cut volumes depending on the geological layers (rock, topsoil). The earthworks calculation generates the thematic display of cut-fill zones for project surfaces and slopes. Mensura Light generates the volume cartography by range of colours depending on the iso-value curves and displays eartworks reference grid. The points shall be exported to the total station.

Drawing and section layout

The drawing of the longitudinal and cross sections is automatic. You have a permanent visual control on all sections through the viewport layout command. You can also customize the section grid presentation using our layout commands.

Result report

The result reports are presented as a configurable spreadsheet. Exporting results to EXCEL® allows you to customize your documents.