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Urban drainage, aqueduct software

Draw Stormwater  and sanitary pipe networks

The network drawing is based upon the "Manhole and segment" model. The fact of recognizing 3D project surfaces 'paving project" ensures automatic calculations of the paving sides; the invert level is calculated when you input the depth or elevation. By inputting elbows pipe you are able to design and draw the discharge or aqueduct networks.

Mensura Genius helps you re-adjust your design when you have intersection non-compliances.

The specifically developed tools are proposed to make your input more efficient. Mensura Genius automatically detects the proximity of different networks and associations with common ditches all while following BNQ safety rules.

Technical documentation and layout

Everything is made to facilitate network drawing and processing plan views, longitudinal and cross-sections as well as manholes and chambers in isometric projections.

The detailing (chamber label, pipe, slope, length flow direction) is automatically done and placed.

The assisted drawing commands complete detailing (hatching, triangulation dimensioning, etc).


Interactive longitudinal section

You gain a lot of time by making modifications directly on the longitudinal section. You can also simply adjust the manhole depth, slopes between manholes, etc. The slope or depth modifications made directly on the longitudinal section update dimensioning and grid drawings. The hydraulic calculations also draws the charge line. 

Our software detects and controls all intersections and cover heights in real time. The labels are displaying the branches, junctures and non-compliant intersections.


Quantity report (ditches, pipes, manholes)

The quantity report and estiamte are directly produced through the network according to the library data. The common type ditch editor allows you to follow BNQ rules.

With just few clicks you check the linear and ditch material volumes, geological strata cut (dead terrain, rocks). This information is presented by networks when you export summary to Excel tables.  

Culverts for road drainage

The pipes length is automatically adjusted depending on the ground entries.

The drainage symbol library allows detailing of any hydraulic structure.


Chamber and pipes description

Mensura Genius offers a simple and fast description module which automatically edits the chamber technical documentation.


View networks in 3D  

The 3D network model is automatically included within Mensura Genius 3D view. This display is very useful for clash detection.