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Turn simulation and swept path analysis

Mensura GENIUS Sample Vehicle Librairies

Mensura Genius is supplied with a Vehicle Library. We've created an Extended Vehicle Library containing lot of vehicles.

You can customize new vehicles.

List of vehicles 

Passenger cars

Medium trucks 

       Standard bus

Articulated bus


Double train block


Heavy Truck 

Intercity road bus

Vehicle turn simulations and swept path analysis

Mensura Genius offers several methods to calculate and draw your path sketch

  • "Curvilinear input" draws vehicle movements and simulates trajectory in real time
  • "Turn" method allows you to set parameters through the dialogue box. Draws steering angle
  • You can also follow the existing trajectory (Cad polyline, road centerline, etc)

Mensura Genius allows you to use several methods for the same trajectory.


View animations on a screen

Mensura Genius allows you to retrace your trajectory step by step and place a vehicle where you wish using the mouse cursor.