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Hydraulic calculations software

 Different methods and calculation parameters

The hydraulic module of Mensura genius includes several norm-compliant dimensioning methods and a selection of formulas depending on the context

  • Rational method widely used all over the world
  •  Method calculating the concentration time on the surface (Kirpich, Passini, Kerby, Federal Aviation Agency).
  •  Selection of the IDF curves equation parameters (Mitci Formula, exponential equation)
  •  Customizing the rain parameters and recurrence interval
  •  Adjusting flow speed in the conduits and selecting roughness coefficient depending on the pipe material




Calculation of flow rate and hydraulic storm water expertise

When you are creating a hydraulic model (flow rate calculation and diameter dimensioning), the software automatically calculates the subcatchment area characteristics and generates the flow rate depending on the structure.

Mensura Genius offers the input/modification functions for:

  • subcatchment areas
  • zones with different run-off coefficient
  • hydraulic path
  • retention basin : the software automatically calculates the hydraulic characteristics of the subcatchment areas. The expertise functions assist the engineer throughout the entire project


Dimensioning of the stormwater collectors

The urban drainage module proposes different norm-compliant formulas for dimensioning collector diameters.

Mensura Genius calculates the losses and displays the piezometrical levels on the longitudinal section.



Calculate retention basins

In order to calculate retention basins Mensura Genius suggests using the synthetic storm rains or historical rains. 


Calculate sewage water flow rate

Mensura Genius also offers commands to help you calculate and dimension the sewage water networks using peak factor method.