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Roundabout design software

Create roundabouts  

To complete each step of a 2D drawing of a roundabout you are guided by an assistant.

Based upon the geometrical characteristics (circulatory roadway dimensions) the engineer places roundabout legs.  Mensura Genius also allows you to create curved legs for a roundabout.

Roundabout components interactive modifications

Mensura Genius offers you a variety of commands to modify the roundabout geometry. When you move the center of the island without moving the legs you shall have a warning message of non-compliance with the parameters.

Deletion, rotation or dynamic relocation can be applied to the whole roundabout or to one leg in particular. Mensura Genius also transforms Roundabout object into a drawing block.

You can also perform trajectory deflexion calculation to ensure the safety control.

Check roundabout rights-of-way

By using the drawing of the vehicle swept path and by selecting an appropriate vehicle for each kind of a roundabout, Mensura draws a scan of right-of-way as well as adjust the entry and exit legs geometry.

Vertical and horizontal signage automatic drawing

This module manages the position of the speed limit and directional road signs and signals. It also includes all the ground markings following MTQ recommendations.

Link with Quantities module 

The Quantities module makes all necessary calculations for roundabout design. The two modules are directly linked.

3D roundabout dynamic model  

An assistant helps you design a 3D roundabout. The centerlines and longitudinal sections are interlinked via design points technology. The entire 3D model is recalculated after each modification.

Rapidly present 3D roundabout models

The 3D roundabout model is included within Mensura Genius 3D View. The horizontal markings are MTQ compliant, and are also included in the 3D model.