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Road design software

Road design module is an ultimate tool to model and draw all your corridor design projects compliant with the existing norms (national roads, highways, forest paths) from planning to implementation. Mensura Genius is avalable with several libraries of standards (CANADIAN, AASHTO, FRENCH, SWITZERLAND).

Mensura is able to retrieve Inroads® and Civil 3D® using Landxml exchange format

Dynamic Centerline 

Mensura Genius centerline is entirely dynamic. You are able to design all kind of geometric constructions (spirales, ovates, S-shaped curves, C-shaped surves and vertical curves).

The model is automatically updated when you make modifications directly on the screen with control handles, through points of intersection or through a dialogue box. At all times the software is compliant with current regulations.

Mensura Genius possesses powerful functions for centerline. You can create interactive constructions based upon the method of points of intersection (PI). The insertion of the juncture (spiral, circle, spiral)  is done automatically depending in the used road norms. The alignment is built as soon as the elements are provided. 


Manage multi-alignments

Mensura Genius manages multi-alignments. It is possible to view the interaction between the alignments. The cross-section gives you the visualization of different alignments.  

Manage Longitudinal section

Mensura Genius offers you functions which calculate and draw circular or parabolic junctures depending on the "K" parameter.

Note! You can calculate, display and save several variants of the longitudinal section simultaneously. 

Manage Cross section

Mensura Genius manage typical sections for both road, urban and rural situations. Mensura Genius calculate  stripping and subcut surfaces and allowance for sub-surface layers (overburden, rock etc.).

Mensura Genius offers two methods to calculate the cross-slopes (using formulas or using superelevation table). Mensura offers a linked cross-slope mechanism which allows you to vary the slope from whatever cross-section point depending on the main alignment superelevation (you shall have a different varaition for your infrastructure cross-slopes and your paving slopes) 


Enlarge paving platform (section template width variation)

Mensura Genius special feature is the use of mixed road model where the concept of the section template is associated with the "support line" method, commonly called  "String". This tool ensures secondary alignments construction in 2D or in 3D (paving border, existing ditch etc..) and allows you to preserve the outbuildings in regard to the construction points of section templates and support lines.


Through the construction coded points, the section template is related with the assisted drawing in 2D or 3D (support line management). This very powerful tool ensures the management of the road platform width variations in order to create or erase the lane, as well as the creation of the parking lots, traffic islands, etc.

3D integration

Using Mensura Genius you immediately get the 3D model of your project.