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3D Surface project (Earthwork calculations, cut and fill)

The Surface Project module is a design tool to draw in 3D and calculate the volumes for all kind of civil engineering projects. A complete and powerful tool to calculate and optimize the cut volumes depending on the geological layers is at your disposal.

Simple and rapid platform input (3D surface)

This module easily adapts to all kind of projects (Industrial constructions, urban constructions, housing lots, retention basins, storage facilities, open sky quarry, and energy projects)

Mensura Genius offers numerous tools to design your project. Powerful functions allow you to easily include 3D points and breaklines within your surface project.

The project surfaces are directly associated with codes (paving, sidewalks, grass) which simplifies the manipulations.

To gain even more time slopes are directly associated to the sides of the surface project. The slopes are automatically inputted depending on the geological layers to simplify the search of the ground entries.

The multi-surface manager allows you to monitor all stages of the excavation process.

Interactive edition of the 3D project and volumetric calculation

When you design your project you can at any given moment modify its geometry and surface characteristics (paving type, numbers, colours, thickness).

The software transposes all these changes onto entire design.

The project is modifiable; you can create all kind of variations you wish by moving and pivoting all surfaces.

You can opt for one of the two methods to calculate earthworks volumes:

  • Prism method based upon triangulation
  • Cross-section method

Mensura offers functions for optimizing and balancing ground movements taking into consideration compacting and swelling coefficients.

Surface project section drawing and layout

Longitudinal section and cross-section drawing are created automatically. Based upon the multi-window concept you always have a visual control upon the sections. It is possible to customize the layout of section grids.

Earthworks calculations (Cut and fill )  


Mensura Genius calculates cut volumes depending on the geological layers (rock, topsoil...).

The volumetric calculation generates the cut/fill display by zone for project surfaces and slopes.

Mensura Genius generates the project surface cartography by range of colours depending on the iso-value curves and displays earthworks reference grid. The points can be exported to the total stations.



Volumetric result report

The result report is presented as a configurable spreadsheet. You can export your document to Excel and customize them.


Retention basin and lagune automatic design

Mensura Genuis designs basins (retention basins, lagoons, cesspool, industrial storage basins, ponds, cranberry cultivation basin).

We offer three methods using specific constraints depending on the security height. Mensura draws the water line on the longitudinal section.


Check inundation risks

Mensura Genius also offers commands which simulate cartography of the zones liable to flooding, check the height of the structure excess level or calculate the high later level on the dam