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Land surveying software

Traverse, Adjustments

Calculates data and compensations

Mensura Genius calculates 2D or 3D traverses by proposing several compensation methods (proportional to the distance, least squares). The software also calculates K factor for distances.




The software calculates the conversion of geographic coordinates between different systems (NAD 27, NAD 83 and WGS84...)



Terrain coding and using Pcodes

For more productivity, our software considerably simplifies your land survey. We propose an alpha-numeric codification, which is simple, intuitive and can be adapted to all notebooks.

You can also set several coding tables depending on the type of the survey or the type of the client.

The coding table is linked directly with the graphic database and its various categories (layers, linetypes, Pcodes, hatchings text styles), which enables you to easily complete your plans

Pcodes and chains

Our software offers a number of advanced functions which ensure the dynamic orientation of the Pcodes on one or several points. You can also associate several objects with the survey points.

The simple form management allows you to codify the following symbol types:

  • Circle, center, radius
  • Rectangle by 2 or 3 points

It is also possible to insert texts and annotations. The powerful coding function guarantee chain coding management:

  • opening several chain simultaneously
  • incorporating specific Pcodes during the input
  • smoothening lines
  • coding construction principles decrease the number of points you need to input

Parcel drawing and division

Mensura Genius proposes commands for parcel division. You have got a toolbox at your disposal to cut the parcels of the housing project starting from an initial polygon.

Depending in the required surface, Mensura proposes several methods of parcel division:

  • division of the parallel parcel on one side
  • division of the parallel parcel at two points
  • division of the parcel passing through a point 


Parcel layout (parcel manager)

The hatching and the dimensioning is automatic, any modification made to the outline leads to update of the parcel. An assistant defines the information attributed to the parcel (lot number, owner, surface). The land surveyor can manually modify its parcels.

Parcel report

Mensura Genius automatically generated the parcel printing list. You can export results in Excel format.

  • list of parcel implantation
  • list of parcel surfaces