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Horizontal signage and road markings

Compliant libraries

Our library offers different kinds of road markings, organized by type (permanent or temporary)

The assistants are provided with each marking :


  • Axis line, edge line, continuity line, simple or double guiding line
  • Yield line, approaching obstacles
  • Painted island, parking ban zone in the intersection
  • Zebra, Chevron
  • Stopping area, bus zone
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Road symbols


Markings drawing assistant

The road markings module offers assistants for each marking category which simplify the developer's works. The technology is object oriented and therefore allows dynamic modifications.

View markings in 3D

All markings are automatically transposed into the 3D view model. Using a simple setup, the designer displays different marking families.  You are able to create  the interactive models, which can be recorded in .AVI format or used within Mensura Viewer.