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Digital Terrain Model : DTM

Being a reference for different modules and calculations; the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of Mensura Genius software is at the same time very easy to use and extremely powerful. As it has been designed to model point files created by an airborne laser, you can model and manipulate the files containing more than 500000 points

Data acquisition and consideration of existing terrain

The Terrain Surface (DTM) is the basis of your infrastructure project.

In order to model the data, you can employ different methods :

  • Import ASCII files,
  • Digitize paper plans
  • Import PDF files or images (Tiff; Jpeg, Ecw)

  • Graphic Dxf/DWG files (use attribute blocks, 2D and 3D points segments and polylines)   
  • Land surveying data (import ASCII files, retrieve field notebook data

Surface modelling / Colour code display by trianglescolour code display by triangles

DTM takes into consideration the existing data (roadway alignment, road border, ditch, slope) in order to automatically generate the triangulation. To check the coherence of the provided data, you have several monitoring tools.

The modeling of the terrain surface obtained via DELAUNAY triangulation instantly gives you the elevation for all DTM points.

When you include slope changing lines (breaklines) the triangulation is immediately refreshed.


Dynamic triangulation model

Mensura allows you to triangulate complex surfaces with the possibility of delimiter, breaklines, inner surfaces and exclusion zones.

All modifications of the perimeter or triangulation are made directly on the screen.

Relief analysis and control tools 


Mensura GENIUS offers the relief analysis and control tools to check the coherence of the terrain surface model.

  • Cartography of the slope arrows indicating the flow direction
  • Cartography of the elevation ranges
  • Display high and low points
  • Define catchment areas
  • Hydraulic calculation of the 3D flow networks (DTM drop path)
  • Calculate customized contours

Calculate and draw profiles

Mensura Genius facilitates drawing of longitudinal sections and cross sections.


Create Stripping

Mensura Genius manages topsoil stripping with general value applied to all DTM but also stripping zones which refine the project and the excavation volumes.


Geotechnical modeling

Mensura Genius creates and processes geological surveys. Boring pits are inputted directly in the DTM, the layers silt, rock, clay, etc... are automatically modeled and drawn in longitudinal sections and cross-sections.

Manage DTM (Multi-surface terrain)

terrain model and contour maps

Multi DTM manager facilitate the monitoring of the cut volumes everyday. Mensura genius calculates the volumes between the two terrain surfaces and automatically draws sections of different DTM.

Calculate and draw contour lines

The contour lines are created on the DTM automatically.

Parameters include the equidistance choice, line type, thickness of the main and secondary contours.

Mensura Genius also calculates the contours in 3D, which are displayed in the 3D view.