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CAD and 3D design software

Mensura GENIUS offers “Interactive Objects” technology which automatizes CAD design related to the civil engineering. 

Mensura Genius brings a new drafting standards to civil engineering and design. Through the new commands you rapidly get accustomed to the graphic chart of the project without changing you working habits.

Mensura drafting concept is specifically designed for the professionals. You annotate your plans (road projects, urban drainage projects – both storm water and sewage water networks, public utility networks).

The key advantage of Mensura Genius is its own CAD drawing platform. All your files are processed to the graphic edition state even faster.


Compatibility and drawing

Mensura GENIUS is compatible with all main software formats. The DWG and DXF file can be opened and modified with Mensura and later on reused with AutoCAD® and Microstation®. The AutoCAD® file compatibility ensures swift and efficient exchanges with your partners.


Work directly with digital data (orthographic Raster images)

You retrieve the point file (ASCII, LIDAR) and the topographic data directly or you work on the geo-referenced orthographic images (Geo TIFF).

From importing the topographic data provided by the land surveyor to the natural terrain digital modeling, everything is made to rapidly produce a project sketch by means of professionally oriented drawing commands.





New, entirely functional approach to drawing norms

New drawing commands provide competitive advantage by avoiding unnecessary repetitions in the plan production.

The object cloning solves graphic chart problems by placing objects into the corresponding layers.


Customized command pallet

Mensura Genius offers an assistant which customizes the working space by saving block pallets (public utilities, storm water networks, road signs)

Mensura Genius is provided with Quebec kit which automatically synchronizes itself with MTQ norms




Intuitive technology functionalities

The dynamic technology for plan production and original functions to facilitate drawing

  • Activate polyline construction commands by contextual menu ( parallel, perpendicular, tangent exit)
  • Layer storage which allows you to file the layers depending on the different project phase
  • Dynamic parallel, aligned text, surface dimensioning: advanced commands which bring added value to plan production

Intuitive 3D design

Mensura Genius, is a full package of 3D design tools which simplify your work and passage from 2D to 3D.

The project design becomes more intuitive, new specific engineering tools boost your 3D design.

  • Different 3D points calculation method which facilitate project altimetry matching
  • Intersection of the 3D polylines with slope gradients
  • Intersection of the polylines and 3D surfaces and plans
  • Point projection of the triangulated surfaces.
  • 2D – 3D object transformation (and reverse transformation).

Project altimetry calculation

Mensura Genius offers simple commands to calculate the project point altimetry. By using the reference points you can design project altimetry and use different commands to calculate points Z or 3D polylines. The objects can be re-used to model 3D surfaces.

Multi-frame layout

Mensura Genuis is compatible with all printers or plotters used with Windows®. The scales are easily changed. The texts and symbols are automatically adapted depending on the scale you select. We have also simplified the regulatory title block drawing.

While you are making modifications in your project, your plans are automatically updated (on the printed version as well). Our software offers simple solutions to create combined printing models (plan view, cross-section view, 3D view, etc)