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BIM by Geomensura

BIM tools for civil engineering

The BIM by Geomensura is a software architecture which is ready to receive the future dictionary of the IFC infrastructures.

Our software solutions have been sucessfully integrating the digital models and our clients already share their models with other professionals (architects, engineers, economists, land surveyors, civil engineers, etc)

Digital model - design help

The Mensura digital infrastructure model manages the interative process and suggests optimized solutions. Our key advantages are:

  1. Ability to check the coherence of the land survey meta data
  2. Integrating and optimizing the project in its environment
  3. Checking the network calibration and saturation
  4. Ability to propose different solutions


Mensura Genius in a digital Workflow 


Mensura Genius allows you to work in the digital workflow. At any stage of the project Mensura Genius is able to exchange data with other software solutions.

Numerous software designers in the infrastructure field work on stardardizing the construction projects exchanges around the LandXml standard.

Mensura Genius possesses this format which facilitates the data flow between  most graphic solution available:

  1. Autodesk® Civil 3D®
  2. Bentley® Mx Road®, InRoads®, GeoPak®
  3. Carlson® Software
  4. Trimble® TBC®
  5. Geomedia Covadis®
  6. Leica® Micro Survey®
  7. Topcon® Tools software®
  8. Nova Point® Via Nova®



BIM Building model within Mensura Genius

Import BIM architecture  or engineering model to Mensura Genius with Google Sketchup® and its IFC plugin.


Infrastructures within the digital model


Mensura Genius fits perfectly for the team projects around the 3D digital models.  Using Mensura  Genius enables you to successfullycomplete any building infrastructure project.

  1. Road system, roads, linear structures
  2. Car parks
  3. Building platforms
  4. Green spaces
  5. Urban drainage networks
  6. Service networks  (Telecom, public lighting, fiber, etc)


Export Mensura models to digital synthesis design tool

Building design software solutions (REVIT®, TEKLA®, ALLPLAN®)


The models generated in Mensura genius can be easily used in the building  design and modelling tools.



Digital synthesis software or project revision

The models created with Mensura Genius can easily be used in other coordination or revision tool(Navisworks or others) which gives you a global digital model and enables managing 3D phasing.


GIM (Geomensura Information Modelling)

Our software solutions arethe alternatives which enable data exchange and managing geometry and metadata.  These formats are available for DTM, project 3D surfaces and different network types (free format with open specifications)