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Agricultural drainage software

Mensura draws and calculates the installation plans for agricultural drains.

Design principle

Mensura Genius is the only software which is able to design and draw drainage projects for agriculture.

The concept is absolutely automatic. You create drainage systems (discharge ditches, collectors and drains) by using the existing surface terrain and contours as the base of your project.  
The settings of your data take into consideration all necessary characteristics to complete an installation project with accuracy in planimetry and altimetry.

Drain input stage and drawing stage are fully assisted

The software warns the engineer when the set constraints are not respected (depth for collectors and drains, violating slope constraints, cross-slope visualisation)

The module takes into consideration the created of the isolated or singular drain, usually called belt drains.

The simultaneous monitoring of the plan views and longitudinal sections ensures the project accuracy and efficiency.

The layout of the project is compliant with existing norms (Ø display, lengths, nomenclature).

Calculate flow rate and collector sections

The collector dimensioning is done with "Manning Strickler" method. Mensura Genius also takes into consideration the water harvesting systems during the dimensioning phase.

The take-off for your works is done automatically. The software creates a link with the Estimate module to establish estimate