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3D visualization

3D rendering  - a design help

3D visualization is accessible throughout entire project. You directly monitor the coherence of various surfaces (terrain and project ones) You manage the impact of the earthworks, by closely following the project evolution in its different stages and view landscape rendering in real time.

Mensura Genius creates interactive models in 3D using the application with realistic texture rendering.

To gain time for your 3D models, you have 3D objects and texture library at your disposal.


Create virtual models using 3D simulation

Mensura Genius offers different methods to view and navigate within 3D scenes: pedestrian movements, air view, road trajectory. You use the icons for camera and view point on the scene in order to move around and view particular points. 



Include your projects in the realistic site picture

A key tool for simulation of the infrastructure projects, the photo rendering gives you realistic pictures of your project. By including your project within a digital picture you facilitate the communication around your project.


Mapping a raster image on DTM

Once the DTM has been created it is possible to apply the geo-references digital image (air view photo, Google earth image) and rapidly obtain a location and excellent 3D representation of the project.

Rapidly create urban models using orthophotos

Mensura GENIUS  rapidly creates urban models, by using orthophotos and displaying the buildings in isometric projection.

The orthophotos are placed upon the DTM, which gives you the rendering of different details in the terrain relief or project insertion within the site.

You can also view the buildings and complete architectural 3D models by inserting Autodesk® 3ds Max objects.


Navigate within 3D model in real time

Mensura Genius navigates within the 3D model in real time. The "pedestrian movements" function simulates a person moving around your scene. You can also simulate the movements of a vehicle, by following its trajectory. The "orbit" command gives you the entire freedom.


Export project model in Google Earth

Mensura Genius generates plans that you can easily integrate within Google Earth





Export 3D projects to AVI film

Mensura Genius gives you the opportunity to improve your communication by making an animated movie in AVi format for your 3D project. You can easily generate the screenshots following saved 3D views.

Export to project management tools

You can export your 3D model to project review tools if you wish to add it to your Building Information Modelling (BIM).


Virtual gallery and landscape rendering

Mensura Genius offers numerous possibilities for 3D view and landscape rendering


                              Sports center                                               Residential project

Maquette virtuelle - Aménagement d'un espace urbain Maquette virtuelle - parc photovoltaique


                     T-shape intersection                                                     Roundabout

Maquette virtuelle - Aménagement d'un carrefour en TVirtual model - Roundabout


                   Mapping Orthographic photo                                    Engineering structure

Mapping d'une Ortho photoMaquette virtuelle - Terrassement d'un ouvrage d'art


                                  Bus station                                                  Nuclear power plant

Maquette virtuelle -  Aménagement d'une gare routièreMaquette virtuelle - Phasage génie civil projet de centrale


                         Hydroelectic station                                                         Ski trail

Maquette virtuelle - Aménagement Hydro Electrique Complexe touristique


                              Landfill                                                                Eolic parc
Maquette visuelle d'un site d'enfouissement Maquette visuelle d'un parc eolien


                              Parking lot                                                               Country road

maquette urbaine virtuellemaquette virtuelle d'un amenagement de parking