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Construction companies

Our software helps you improve the bid quality and increases your chances of getting the contract.

Our software solutions have been created to meet the needs of the construction company professionals. The software rapidly checks the excavation volumes using PDF files. 

Whether you are an estimator, a project manager a superintendent or a land surveyor, you shall appreciate Mensura software products for its simplicity and efficiency. We shall accompany you in your everyday work and make your bid responses easier.

Construction company professionals

  • Project manager
  • Estimator
  • Land surveyor
  • Superintendent



"We got our first Mensura software back in 2005, and I can't imagine working without it today…

Our estimators and project managers use this software all the time. In less than 15 days we were able to complete our Commercial projects (3D surfaces), notably for the volumetric calculation part (cut within overburden and rock) and it took us less than a week to manage quantity survey (for surfaces and linears) using our PFD plans.

We were pleasantly surprised on how little time we needed for training and we could answer the bids faster. The projects managers were able to confirm or overrule the contentious quantities during or after the contract. The excavations calcualtions are done with the same simplicity, the cut/fill are calculated in real time and visible directly on the screen. The 3D rendering allows us to detect possible errors. It is so easy, that no training is required and our presentations are astonishingly realistic! "

M. Philippe Marceau, estimator from Roxboro (Canada), works with mensura Genius since 2005