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Geodes Expert, the CAD software for infrastructure

Mensura Geodes - the CAD software for infrastructure

Mensura Geodes is an alternative solution for your CAD projects. Created as a professionally-oriented drawing platform for Mensura software solutions is entirely compatible with DWG format. This innovative drawing platform is specifically designed for your needs :

  • Create and draw your 2D plans (in DWG format) that you can use within the other software solutions of our product range.
  • Ensure the preservation of your workflow.

With Mensura Geodes, no more data loss when you design your project with Mensura Genius. Geodes Expert ensures optimal coordination between different services, efficient task attribution and cooperation.


Compatibility and Teamwork with Mensura Genius

  • Mensura GEODES Expert ensures compatibility with other Mensura software products (Mensura Genius). GEODES Expert promotes teamwork, as the draftsman can work directly in the .msa format or .DWG format with external reference mechanism (Xref).
  • Mensura GEODES Expert is equipped with plugin Google Earth, therefore you can insert and match automatically Google Earth images. Using MENSURA GEODES you can also publish your drawings within Google Earth.


Manage production system

Mensura GEODES proposes a projection calculation device which transforms your drawing from an original system to another system of coordinates. Our software is compatible with numerous systems used in different countires (France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, "UTM WGS84")


Mensura Geodes systèmes de projection


Plugin Google Earth. Import from Google Earth

With GEODES Expert, you can insert and set images automatically in WGS 84, or transform them by using the projection device following the system you have selected.