Geodes Basic : 2D CAD software

Geodes is a 2D software for the infrastructure and civil engineering professionals. It is 100% compatible with DWG format and, like all Mensura products, it is equipped with "Intuitive technology". Mensura Geodes is an innovative drawing platform. By downloading Geodes Basic  any beginner can make his first steps in CAD drawings.


Read and write in DWG® format 

Mensura Geodes reads and writes DWG®, DXF® and DWF® formats. It is also compatible with all other Mensura software products. Enjoy working with the innovative drawing platform designed specifically to meet your needs.  

Mensura Geodes compatible avec de nombreux logiciels


Intuitive Technology

Like all our products, Mensura Geodes is equipped with Intuitive Technology concept, which considerably simplifies your work and improves the efficiency of plan and drawing production.


Intuitive Technology FunctionsMensura Geodes technologie intuitive

A cloning function is a tool that allows you to draw rapidly using the existing objects, trespassing all graphic chart constraints.  The "Customized commands" pallet produces plans rapidly. Using a simple "Drag and drop" you insert the blocks within the appropriate layers. which staying compliant with your graphic chart. The construction tools "Dynamic parallel", "Perpendicular", etc, help you to gain productivity and make your work easier. 

Topographic Drawing and Civil Engineering

Mensura Geodes dessin de topographie et génie civil


Mensura Geodes is provided with a toolbox adapted to the draftsmen needs. It balances between the SIG geographical mine of information on one side  and topography and civil engineering on the other side in order to improve your plan production. 




Equipped with libraries 

Mensura Geodes large bibliothèque

Mensura Geodes is equipped with all Civil engineering libraries and its interface is customizable.

  • Road Signage library 
  • Green Space library 
  • Vehicle library (plan view, isometric projection)
  • Figure library (plan view, isometric projection) 
  • Telecom roads and utilities symbol library
  • Public Lightning roads and utilities symbol library
  • Electricity roads and utilities symbol library
  • Drinking water supply symbol library
  • Urban drainage symbol library
  • Worksite installation symbol library


Geo-referenced image and digital products (Rasters, Shapefile, DTM Grid)

Mensura Geodes works directly with geo-referenced raster images in Géo-tiff, Ecw formats. The matching is done automatically and the images are stored within the appropriate layers. Mensura Geodes also allows you to use the digital IGN productions :

  • BD ALTI® (.DIS, XYZ) point file
  • SCAN 25®, SCAN 50®, SCAN 100®, SCAN 1000® in Geo Tiff format
  • BD Cartho in Shapefile format

Mensura Geodes gère les images géo-référencées


Logiciel traite les images géo-référencées



Topographic functions

Mensura Geodes offers you functions which are fitting the needs of the professionals working in Topography and Civil Engineering.  You are able to import the topogaphic point files to Ascii format and therefore display the identification and elevation with text or block attributes.  In order to prepare the implantations, Mensura Geodes provides specific functions and creates a point file in ASCII format.

Mensura Geodes topographie


Manage layers through your plans

Mensura Geodes offers a simple plan management, which looks like Windows™ tree structure with groups and sub-groups.


Printing presentations and documents

The topographic reference grid is automatically drawn in the presentation depending on the scale you have chosen. Mensura Geodes prints your plans in «DWF™ or PDF» format which allows you to exchange documents easily.