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Software for all construction professionals

For construction professionals

Boost you competitive advantage by completing your construction, urban drainage, road construction or hydraulic projects with Geomensura softwares

Products designed for professional use

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For business consultants

Whether you design projects in civil engineering, transport or land-use planning, our software solutions shall make your work simpler or more efficient.

Engineering consultant professionals that would benefit from using Mensura solutions

Products suitable for Consulting Firms

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For surveyors business expert

Land surveyors shall appreciate Mensura software solutions for its efficiency and professionally oriented features.

Land surveyor professionals that shall benefit from using Mensura solutions

Products tailored to the Land Surveyor

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For business community

Mensura software solutions help the municipality technical teams to complete their projects whether it implies roads, roundabouts, landscaping, sewage systems or public utilities networks.

Municipality professionals that would benefit using Mensura solutions

Products tailored to communities

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For students

Our range of software solutions also exists in Education version to be used as a teaching material for students.

Products adapted to Students

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